Tooth Whitening

whiteningTooth whitening is an affordable way of brightening your smile. It can erase years of stain to your teeth caused by tobacco, food, beverages and internal pigments which make your teeth look darker as you age. Whitening will not change the shade of your crowns, veneers or fillings. We offer two types of whitening, in-surgery or take home. To book a consultation with your dentist or to check your suitability for the above treatment, phone or e-mail to book an appointment. For more information, click here ».


venersA veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of your tooth. Many dentists use the analogy that dental veneers are for your teeth what false finger nails are for your nails. Porcelain veneers require a smaller amount of preparation to the tooth; they can be excellent cosmetic solution for teeth that are stained, chipped or slightly misaligned. For more information, click here ».


crownsCrowns are often recommended to support your natural tooth when it has become weakened by large fillings, root canal treatment or has fractured. They are made of porcelain or gold and can be bonded to precious metals. Crowns fit over the remaining part of the tooth to make it strong; it is shaped and contoured to give a natural look and feel to the tooth. For more information, click here ».

White fillings

fillingsTooth coloured fillings are made from a composite resin, similar in colour and texture to natural teeth, these fillings are less noticeable, and much more attractive than other types of fillings i.e. Amalgam (silver). They are bonded by a special adhesive to your tooth, adding to the retention of the filling and sealing the tooth provided there is enough tooth enamel remaining. Composite fillings are matched to your own tooth colour. For more information, click here ».